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The role of purpose when reading online with Dr. Shenglan Zhang and Dr. Nell K. Duke

Dr. Baker interviews Dr. Shenglan Zhang and Dr. Nell K. Duke about the role of purpose and how a reader’s purpose impacts his comprehension.

Posted 04/03/2017 01:05 AM

Comprehension instruction: Focus on content or strategies? with Dr. Margaret McKeown

Dr. Baker interviews Dr. Margaret McKeown about whether comprehension instruction should focus on content or strategies.

Posted 02/06/2017 07:00 PM

Online reading comprehension with Dr. Julie Coiro

Dr. Baker interviews Dr. Julie Coiro about the skills middle-school students need to effectively read online.

Posted 09/05/2016 02:01 AM

Reading Fluency of Secondary Students

Dr. Kuby and Dr. Paige discuss the reading fluency of secondary students.

Posted 12/01/2014 02:05 AM

Informational texts in the classroom with Dr. Barbara Moss

Dr. Baker interviews Dr. Barbara Moss about informational texts in the classroom.

Posted 01/04/2009 08:00 PM