Reading, Down Syndrome, and predictors of differential growth with Dr. Christopher Lemons

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Dr. Baker and Dr. Christopher Lemons discuss Reading, Down Syndrome, and predictors of differential growth. For more information about Dr. Lemons’ work see Reading Research Quarterly 45 number 2

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CITATION: Baker, E. A., & Lemons, C. (2010, April 19). Children with Down Syndrome: Predictors of Differential Growth. Voice of Literacy. Podcast retrieved from http://voiceofliteracy.org

By Dr. Michiko Hikida 10/24/2016 01:01 AM

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  1. Therese FitzRandolph wrote on 09/23/2010 01:11 PM

    Dr. Lemons, Thank you for mentioning how the articulation of students with Down Syndrome has improved with individualized phonetics instruction! I am not a SLP, but have seen remarkable improvement in DS children when phonemic awareness is taught using programs such as Lindamood-Bell or Orton-Gillingham. Not only are these children experiencing improved decoding skills, but articulation skills as well.

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