Online reading comprehension with Dr. Julie Coiro

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Dr. Baker interviews Dr. Julie Coiro about the skills middle-school students need to effectively read online. Additional information can be found in Dr. Coiro’s article published in Reading Research Quarterly 42 number 2

CITATION: Baker, E. A., & Coiro, J. (2008, September 1). Online reading comprehension. Voice of Literacy. Podcast retrieved from http://www.voiceofliteracy.org/posts/26036

By Dr. Betsy Baker, Dr. Candace Kuby, Dr. Sarah Vander Zanden and Dr. Amanda Goodwin 09/05/2016 02:01 AM

Recent Comments

  1. Betsy Baker wrote on 08/27/2008 01:41 PM

    I enjoyed Dr. Coiro's insights about online reading.

  2. Juanita Willingham wrote on 09/22/2008 10:35 AM

    Thanks for the link to Dr. Coiro's webpage at URI. I'm interested in her studies with technology and upper elementary and middle school students and appreciate the listing of her articles.

  3. Beth Dobler wrote on 10/20/2008 12:55 PM

    Excellent podcast! With all of the work and reading I have done in the field of online literacy, I have to admit that I have not given much thought to what might be helpful for parents. Thanks for stretching my thinking!

  4. Nancy Frey wrote on 01/04/2009 12:03 PM

    This podcast was terrific--very thought-provoking. I work mostly with high school students, and I see over-confidence in the validity of the information as a real barrier. As Julie noted, they accept info at face value. I find that we're doing lots more peer response with their writing. Students researching the same topic begin noticing that they're finding very different information, especially when it comes to controversial topics.

  5. William G Covington, Jr wrote on 03/10/2009 06:42 PM

    Interesting interview. It ties in what is currently known in the field with the practicality of daily interaction with children and their literacy issues.

  6. William G Covington Jr wrote on 03/10/2009 06:43 PM

    Very interesting interview. It ties in the current state of research into the practicality of working with children on a daily basis.

  7. Melissa Geiselhofer wrote on 03/21/2009 11:02 AM

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful podcast. I learned some great strategies that I can use as a parent, educator, and reader. "Stop and think" works for all ages! :) Thanks for sharing.

  8. Tonia Hassell wrote on 06/14/2010 09:01 AM

    I am lucky enough to know Dr. Coiro personally. She was one of my instructors in the University of RI's Reading Program. Dr. Coiro has a wonderful way of providing New Literacy information to those of us who thought New Literacies meant new software. My eyes have been opened to online comprehension and how important it is and will be to educators of all levels and content areas. This new way of looking at comprehension is an area that I'm looking forward to learning about and using with my students. Thank you Julie!

  9. Tonia Hassell wrote on 06/14/2010 09:04 AM

    Thank you Dr. Coiro for helping me to understand that "New Literacies" does not mean new software programs. I am excited to learn more about your work and learn how to teach and use online comprehension with the students I work with.

  10. Sherill Bordeaux wrote on 09/25/2012 12:48 PM

    Thank you Dr. Coiro for steering the importance of "Stop and ThinK". As educators and parents, we need to encourage students to take responsibility for their learning.

  11. Cyndee wrote on 01/04/2013 11:25 AM

    Thank you for sharing your research and observations. Much of your insight will help us consider parent workshops to impact our student learning.

  12. Rachel Haun wrote on 02/11/2013 05:36 PM

    I think that's a good point about how students need to stop and think during online reading and how students really are making their own books while online reading depending on what links they choose.

  13. Lisa Scharbrough wrote on 04/08/2013 11:34 AM

    I appreciate and respect the fact that Dr. Coiro is a parent herself, and is able to look at comprehension as an educator, as well as a caring parent.

  14. Joann Harris wrote on 05/16/2013 04:31 PM

    Thanks for the link to Dr. Coiro's webpage at URI. I'm interested in her studies with technology and High school and middle school students and appreciate the listing of her articles.

  15. Lakola Cook wrote on 05/31/2013 12:30 AM

    Glad to know that critical thinking and comprehension is not just a problem at our school...I agree that they need to "Stop and Think".

  16. Margaret G. Curry wrote on 10/29/2019 11:49 AM

    Excellent podcast. Great information I can use with students.

  17. Dawn Lawrence wrote on 11/09/2019 11:07 PM

    I found Dr. Coiro's research and insight into reading comprehension on the internet to be very informative and helpful. It is important for students to monitor their reading and to "Stop and Think" if what they are reading makes sense or needs further clarification. I also believe modeling how to effectively read on the internet is important too.

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